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We offer all types of traction and hydraulic elevators which include residential, hospitals, panoramic, vehicles, dumbwaiter, and cargo elevators. Products alone are not enough, this is why we are proud to have the most distinguished team, if not the best in our market today, that not only puts their customer's satisfaction first, but also acquired more than 15 years of experience in elevator business guaranteeing an ultimate knowledge in this field . All our elevators are based on modern Microprocessor Control Technology, and are all equipped with Emergency Landing Device package which is mandatory by U.A.E. Civil Defense authorities. All our elevators are designed to withstand the high summer temperatures and humidity prevailing in the Gulf countries and are carefully installed by specialized engineers and highly trained technicians; not forgetting the importance of a close customer coordination. In other words, we put great efforts and mind set for the completion of all the projects entrusted to us.



Behind our known name in the elevator business is our competent and reliable workforce. With a very experienced team working with us, we can safely say we are not new in this field. We can assure our customers a prompt and reliable service at all time. Through the years and in order to guarantee ultimate performance of our elevators, we have developed a reliable and up to date maintenance system. Our warehouse stores a wide range of spare parts to cater the requirements of the elevators we maintain. Aside from this, we offer 24-hours a day 7 days a week Emergency Call Back Service. A group of technicians is dedicated to answer calls and attend to urgent elevator servicing and repairs.



We all agree that system and technology are continuously evolving along with the current trends of the modern day world. Though we have remarkable quality elevators, which have been proven the existence from the last 10 to 15 years, we are also offering our clients an economical modernization solution by upgrading the existing aged elevators into new ones.
Modern day world is continuously developing  and so are we by offering current technologies, equipments, machineries and modern designs.
For our clients who have existing elevators that need to be modernized, our supplier’s (IGV Italy) Research & Development team has the continuous urge to reach the technological innovation and latest design that meet our clients' demand.



  • Top quality servicing
  • A monthly routine servicing
  • 24 hour emergency call back
  • Fully trained technicians and engineers
  • Fast response to break downs and repairs



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