Overfit - Gearless

Traction elevators according to Overfit - Gearless model are machine room-less systems: the hoist with permanent magnet motor and reducerless is located in the headroom. The control panel is located in the top landing door frame or within the shaft. Overfit - Gearless model traction elevators comply with UNI EN81-1:2005 harmonised standards (corresponding to EN81-1:1998 + A2:2004), and therefore comply with 95/16/EC Elevator Directive. They also comply with the requirements of the 89/336/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and the 98/37/EC Machinery Directive, where applicable. This elevator model complies with EN81-1:2005 harmonised standard and thus with 95/16/EC Elevator Directive. It also complies with EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) Directive 89/336/EC and 98/37/EC Machinery Directive.
This is a space-saving system thanks to the lack of machine room. The machine is fully contained within the shaft, supported by guide rails. The whole elevator load is backed by the car and counterweight guide rails and neither bearing beams to be fixed to the shaft walls nor other masonry works are required. The service cabinet, next to the top landing door, has a reduced depth and minimum aesthetic impact. Thanks to the gearless motor and the speed frequency control guaranteed by a high quality inverter, high ride quality, noiselessness within the car and building, better system performance, reduced power installation and consumption (also in terms of energy costs), less mechanical stresses and motor temperatures are achieved.

Type of drive Rated load max (kg) Travel* max (m) Pit** min (mm)
VVVF-controlled gearless 1600 40 1500
Headroom*** min (mm) Rated speed max (m/s) Stops (N°)
3700 (3900)**** 0,6 - 1 (1,6 fino a 1000 kg) Up to 24


* Travel max value is only as an indication and it is subject to any potential use of compensation chain.
** Pit 100 mm shorter when headroom 100 mm higher.
*** For car height max 2150 mm.
**** Headroom 3900 mm for rated load 1600 kg. Cabinet available with dimensions 470x320x2200mm or, alternatively, with reduced dimensions 400x130x2200mm subject to the installation of an additional cabinet in the shaft.

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