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Save Machine Roomless

Save, machine roomless elevator Save is the IGV innovative elevator product line for reducing space, installation time and costs by eliminating the machine room. Save programme elevators can be customized with a wide range of layouts and finishes. They comply with the elevator Directive (95/16/EC) and are developed in conformity to the ISO 9000:2000 quality standards and to Annex XIII of the 95/16/EC Directive. They also comply with the requirements of the 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive, where applicable. Each model of the Save programme is accompanied by an EC type examination certificate issued by a notified body. Save is an integrated and flexible system, due to the possibility of choosing between different conceptual paths (hydraulic and traction). The lack of the machine room and the flexibility of solutions, guaranteed by the IGV brand, make Save programme elevators the ideal choice for designers, installers and final users.

Save Machine Roomless Save Machine Roomless Save Machine Roomless Save Machine Roomless
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